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BEES of BRITAIN cares about your health and that of the bees.




Founded in 2018 by a 17 year old as part of an A level project, BEES of BRITAIN is about shifting mindsets for the long term.


Helping bees and other pollinators survive will have a global impact for generations to come.


BEES of BRITAIN has chosen to generate profits to support Bees by creating a small range of Clean Beauty skin and hair care products. We do not compromise when it comes to the ingredients in our products.

The result? A portfolio of natural, cruelty-free products centered on hard-working, wholesome ingredients in their purest forms that help bees and other pollinators survive.




We only use honey from local beekeepers that use sustainable and ethical methods.

We source honey that isn't microfiltered which allows all the goodness (like the pollen grains) to remain.


BEES of BRITAIN want to give back to bees and beekeepers and for this reason, we are currently donating 5% of our profit to the British Beekeeper's Association, and we will donate to other charities helping save pollinators worldwide.




BEES of BRITAIN is dedicated to bringing you the cleanest, most effective beauty products on the market. We are proud of our ingredients and are totally transparent about what we use and what is in each of our carefully made skin and hair care products. We source ethically, from reputable suppliers and know the provenance of all of our raw materials. 


What you put on your skin also gets into your system through a process called "dermal absorption". We are very careful not to use SLS, parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates, fillers, palm oil, petrochemicals, artificial colours or fragrances in our products. 

A minimum of 98% of our ingredients are of natural origin.

Any non-natural ingredients meet strict standards, green chemistry principles and cannot exceed 2% of the formulation.

No endangered plant species are used.

No controversial chemicals, parabens and phthalates are in our products.

No synthetic colours, dyes or fragrances.




Our packaging is as important as what is inside it. We use high quality packaging that looks good enough to be re-used or recycled.


We only use PET Plastic - fully reclaimable and reprocessable Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) bottles, jars and labels with a low carbon footprint and low heat input. Our PET packaging is made with a high Post Consumer Waste content. The low weight makes PET plastic ideal for transportation. PET Plastic, unlike other plastics, does not leach into the ground if placed in landfill. 


We also use Aluminium - one of the best materials for recycling being an endless resource to recycle. The relatively low heat required to recycle also make aluminium score well on carbon footprint. We use glass, one of the most readily recyclable packaging options.

We do not use cardboard or paper packaging as we do not believe they are necessary and we want to encourage zero waste, and 14% of deforestation is due to the need for pulp to make paper goods. When we have to protect our products during shipping, we do so according to third party regulations and try and keep this to a minimum. Any outer packaging is required for for hygiene and protection and is made of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) that is recyclable as well.

We are registered for EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) where applicable.

EPR is an environmental policy that holds the party who first places an EPR-applicable product in a country responsible to mitigate the environmental impacts of their product for its entire life cycle from design to the end of its life, including waste collection, treatment and customer take-back.


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